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High-frequency technology of the future

INGUN Radio Frequency Test Probe HFS-865

The new RF Probe HFS-865 has been developed to be used for highest frequency signal applications. Even at frequencies as high as 12 GHz the Probe provides outstanding electrical behavior. Excellent return loss and transmission characteristics ensure a reliable way of applying or picking up signals.
In combination with MMPXTM-cable assemblies, INGUN offers a complete and unique testing solution.
Sophisticated measurement techniques to meet the demands of the future!


MMPX is a snap-on Connector for usage up to 65 GHz and data rates up to 40 Gbps. More and more co-axial systems demand connector solutions for application frequencies up to 65 GHz, and nowadays digital transmissions achieve 40 Gbps. For this reason HUBER+SUHNER offers the new connector family MMPX for applications in these ranges. The present assortment consists of Cable, Print Connectors and the relevant Adapters. The series MMPX offers an excellent electrical performance from DC up to 65 GHz – including the connection to the PC-Board – and the proven snap-on mechanic paired with the smallest outside dimensions. The numerous advantages allow usage in a numerous amount of applications. When implemented in a connecting solution for Test and Measurement, the MMPX guarantees high-quality measurements also for the demands of the future.

* MMPX – Interface patent pending


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