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RF-ProbesTop technology in the field of RF

INGUN offers the largest spectrum of RF-Probes worldwide and is therefore the leading supplier in this field. The INGUN contacting applications for RF with the Test Probes series HFS-810 and HFS-840 and the integrated MCX-Connectors prove themselves as being excellent for applications up to 4 GHz. The series HFS-860 was developed especially for the frequency range up to 6 GHz, i.e. for Wireless-LAN, Bluetooth, PDAs etc. This series covers all common Plug and Jack contacting applications.

Here you can find a choice of the most suitable RF-Probes for your Plugs and Jacks. This saves you extensive searching and gives you the certainty, that you will find the
right RF-Probe for your Plugs and Jacks.