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Switching Test Probes (SKS)

INGUN Switching Probes are so-called “closing probes”, i.e. the interrupted circuit is closed when the plunger is activated. The plunger is pushed own past the actual switching point to provide the necessary contact force.


SchaltkontaktstifteApplication Examples

  • Presence-check of components on a PC-Board (see following section)
  • Presence-check of the PC-Board on the Test Fixture
  • Compact switching unit for assembly in many areas
  • Signal input for procedure check of moving items on automates and other machines
  • Electroless check with insulated tip



To check the presence of a component, Switching Probes with an insulated tip are normally used. The example on the left explains the functionality: Should the component be present, then the plunger is pressed down and the contact is closed. Should the component not be present, then the plunger is not activated and the Switching Probe remains open.


SeriesGridWorking Stroke in mmMax. StrokeCurrent Rating (A)
SKS-215 M100453
SKS-465 MF14045,23
SKS-465 SF14044,53
SKS-435 M177863
PSK-350 M3,56102
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